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Specpick is an online product and company directory for the engineering industry. We enable engineers to find products based on their requirements from the leading manufacturers in the categories we support. Our search tool has been designed to help you narrow down on products by specification. Once you find a list of products that meet your spec, you can compare products across manufacturers, download datasheets, request quotations and get more info on the product. We do not sell or endorse any of the products – We provide you a non-bias way to find and compare products across manufacturers.

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The RFQ tool on Specpick has been designed to save you time. On submission, your inquiry is directed to the manufacturer and their distributors in your region. You no longer need to visit the company page to find out about distributors in your region.


Our objective is to list companies that can be used by the Fortune 1000 Companies across the globe. To do so we check for certifications. A majority of the companies listed on Specpick will have a quality certifications – ISO, CE, MIL etc.However there are some exceptions - If for some reason a company does not have a certification but based on their client list/reputation they seem to be a quality company. We do list them.

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Note: Specpick does not stock or provide quotations on products.